Mark Gimein

I'm an editor and writer in New York with tons of experience working in print, on the web, and some places in between. As an editor at Bloomberg Digital I launched Bloomberg's first web-native content. In my life as a writer I've covered the full gamut of stories in business and culture, and written about people ranging from George Soros to the malpractice lawyers who advertise on the New York subways. I hold a much under-used degree in philosophy.

Strategy & Editing

For three years I was companies and markets editor at (now Bloomberg Digital). When I started,'s content was drawn almost entirely from stories that had already appeared on Bloomberg's subscription terminals. I was responsible for developing's first consumer focused online content, creating a new blog platform and an editorial vision for online coverage of technology, finance, and economics.

I have extensive experience working with developers on every aspect of a news site with 22 million unique visitors a month. Translation: I'm not afraid of code. My team of editors and developers at Bloomberg created a custom content management system. We executed a top-to-bottom redesign of the site, as well as constant tweaks and changes. I was involved in every aspect of running the site day-to-day as morphed from a narrowly finance-focused site into an international news destination.

As an editor I worked to make Bloomberg's reporting accessible to a broad audience while staying true to Bloomberg's heritage in finance. I edited digital stories on subjects from the tech industry to the art market to the bike market and planned daily news coverage to entice new readers. Our online team doubled the share of traffic that came from social referrals, massively increased video views, and built the audience for Bloomberg's investigative stories.


At Bloomberg, my own writing appeared regularly on my blog, The Market Now. TMN was about all the forces that drove markets and the economy, and covered subjects from the local (New York real estate) to global (the European debt crisis, the worldwide debate about inequality). A update took down the original archives. I've re-published some of best posts at 4 BRs, $29,750 a Month | No Warsaw Pact? No Problem! | What Happened to the Great Wealth Debate? | It's Hang-the-Pig Time in U.S. Court.

Prior to that I wrote for New York Magazine,, Businessweek and other outlets. "The Equation" [website] [PDF], my favorite story of those I wrote for New York, followed the three way tug of war between a hospital, a malpractice lawyer, and the mother of a child born with brain damage. In a different vein, "Little Better Yellow Different" [website] [PDF] is a skeptical take on the ad business.

As a columnist for Slate's financial news site The Big Money, I published more than a hundred stories. Among them, investigations of the the for-profit college racket in "Sue This School," and the much hyped "person to person" loan business [PDF]. Many of my columns -- like "Leave Steve Alone" [PDF], about Steve Jobs's cancer, or "Don't Bet on Meg" [PDF] -- covered the places where money and culture met in interesting ways.

Earlier in my career I was a senior writer at Fortune. Some stories that hold up now: Three months of reporting led to "Sam Walton Made Us a Promise" [PDF], a nuanced look at Wal-Mart's workforce. | "You Bought, They Sold" [PDF] was a Fortune cover project I conceived to illustrate the amazing peaks of executive greed. | "George Soros is Mad As Hell" [PDF] profiled the internationalist billionaire. | "Now That We Live In A Tom Peters World, Has Tom Peters Gone Crazy?" [PDF] was an early feature that's still worth reading.

Contact, Etc.

The easiest way to get in touch is by email. It's mark@markgimein -- yes, just click right there. I do try to answer all my mail. Twitter works, too, and if you want forward my work to your friends or gripe about it to my bosses, you should follow me. To top it off, you can connect with me on LinkedIn and also download an old-fashioned printable resume here.