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A reporter and magazine writer based in New York, I've written for Fortune, New York Magazine,, BusinessWeek, the New York Times, and other outlets. I've covered the full gamut of stories in business and culture, and written about people ranging from George Soros to the malpractice lawyers who advertise on the New York subways. Mark I was a senior writer at Fortune, where I wrote major profiles, helped spearhead the magazine's coverage of corporate corruption, and won two Business Journalist of the Year awards. More recently, I wrote the "Money Trail" column for The Big Money, Slate's spin-off site about business and finance. I blog on subjects related to money at, and occasionally about other things at I hold a much under-used B.A. in Philosophy from Yale University. If you want to get updates on my work so you can forward it to your friends or gripe about it to my bosses, you can follow me on Twitter.